My past and My future

About the Works

Thinking of my works,

Nature has been one of the themes for me, It  has taught something important to me.

Sometimes I find out the beauty of nature in the process of doing my works. 

What do I face with that?

I really love the process that I deal with the beauty, I love feeling the beauty and putting it in my works.

Why do I draw?  Why do I create?

These are eternal questions to me.

But I believe that art makes a positive  impact on your hearts ,especially in the current situation now.

I would be happy if you look at my works,

experience that world together and extend it.

About  Kiyoko Teramoto

Kiyoko Teramoto is an abstract artist.

Since childhood , she started fine arts.

She was born and raised in Fukuoka.

She learned graphic design and fashion design at college.

After graduation, she was working on a fashion designer 
at an  apparel company head office.

After that, she run her own company. Then she quit her job
she began to paint work in earnest.

She went to painter Tamotsu Kaku for learning art work.

Her current series of works are created with a three dimensional

expression based on nature.

Latest pieces are  the culmination of all her previous work.

They are modern , minimal and one of a kind.


Member of Kohdo-Bijutsu Association
The Japan Artists Association


2019   Wining "The highest award Kohdo-bijutsu Association" at Kohdo Art Exhibition, The National Art Center,Tokyo.  It is  Prestigious award.

2014   "Incentive Award Kohdo-bijutsu Association" The National Art Center,Tokyo. 

2011   Kitakyusyu Artists Association Award,  Bronze Award